I’m Michael, a 17 year old high school student and paramedic living somewhere in the west of germany.
I do lots of different stuff, for example I (at least try to) do photgraphy, writing, learning languages and play the guitar. You can talk in English, French, German and Esperanto to me. Please be patient Russians, I’m still learning your language.

Who I am not

What is site about?

Since ages (probably since 2014), I thought about having a blog, but the technical complexities were too hard for me in general - at least I thought so. It seems expensive, complicated, unsecure (in regards of safety) because either its some overcomplicated YouTube tutorial how I should build my blog in PHP or some weblog explaining to me how great WordPress is - I gave up. And I was 12 though. When developed my perspective and acknowledgement on free software, arts, identity, and my anti-capitalist view, I always cancelled the idea of making a webblog, because I thought that some of my views were not really debated even though I think they could be important in certain issues - but I rather kept them for myself.
And then I discovered authors like Mark Fisher. Their works inspired me, so I supposed giving it another try would be the best option. *I thought the only way to do something against our problems and despairs we ignore is writing.*

By the way, did I told how easy it is to create your space on the web?

For the nerds: This sites philosophy

This website is quite frankly said, Low-Tech. It is just pure HTML and CSS, does not use any JavaScript, ads and trackers. The CSS is minimized and just based on readability (but does not try to be completely boring). It is generated by an sh-script and Lowdown (written in C) which converts written text in Markdown into basic HTML and compromises all the images automatically. Furthermore, this site is hosted on neocities and part of the webring. It is more secure, more leightweight, enviromental-friendly, easier and cheaper than a PHP or Wordpress-Weblog - and everybody is able to do it. Yes, I’m not a programmer, I just did a bit of Markdown, CSS and HTML.

Contact me

If you have some questions, suggestions or you just want to say hello, check out my Contact page.

A quote that I like

Oscar Wilde. Because why not.

Our ambition should be to rule ourselves, the true kingdom for each one of us; and true progress is to know more, and be more, and to do more.


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